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Factoids for the month of December, 2001

Factoid/2001/12/03Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Are Needed
Factoid/2001/12/04New Administrator of NOAA a Retired Navy Admiral
Factoid/2001/12/05Low Impact Development to Reduce Polluted Runoff
Factoid/2001/12/06Ship Ballast Water a Huge Problem
Factoid/2001/12/07More Economy at the Beach
Factoid/2001/12/10Beach Sand Made From Quartz and Feldspar
Factoid/2001/12/11Formation of Waves
Factoid/2001/12/12Formation of Waves, Part 2
Factoid/2001/12/13Surfer's Nasal Sinus Drain
Factoid/2001/12/14The Line Between Land and Ocean
Factoid/2001/12/17Ocean Governance Needs Big Improvement
Factoid/2001/12/18549 Minke Whales Killed This Year by Norwegian Whalers
Factoid/2001/12/19Intertidal Zone
Factoid/2001/12/20Why Jet Ski Tow-In Surfing Is So Bad, 1 of 3
Factoid/2001/12/21Why Jet Ski Tow-In Surfing Is So Bad, 2 of 3
Factoid/2001/12/24Why Jet Ski Tow-In Surfing Is So Bad, 3 of 3
Factoid/2001/12/25Paradigm Shift Needed For Beaches
Factoid/2001/12/26Ride the Wave As Far As You Can
Factoid/2001/12/27Retreat from the Cliffs in Southern California
Factoid/2001/12/28California Coastal Conservancy to Work on Increased Beach Access
Factoid/2001/12/31Orange County California's Storm Water Permit