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Factoids for the month of June, 2002

Factoid/2002/06/03Thank You to the California Coastal Conservancy
Factoid/2002/06/04Delaware's Lax Beach Water Quality Standards
Factoid/2002/06/05Lots of Taxpayers' Money for Beach Sand in FL
Factoid/2002/06/06Lots of Shoreline Armoring in Maine
Factoid/2002/06/10World's Longest Fresh Water Coastline
Factoid/2002/06/11Improving Public Beach Access in NJ
Factoid/2002/06/12No Beach Water Testing for Oregon
Factoid/2002/06/13Public Domain Beach Access in Puerto Rico
Factoid/2002/06/14Oil Dumping Conviction for Ship Captain Sets Precedent
Factoid/2002/06/17Households Willing to Pay to Treat Sewage Properly
Factoid/2002/06/18Orange County, CA Residents Willing to Pay for Secondary Treatment of Sewage
Factoid/2002/06/19Right Whales in Danger from Ships
Factoid/2002/06/20Commercial Tuna and Swordfishers Killing Atlantic White Marlins
Factoid/2002/06/21No Water Bill Without Reform Of Army Corps of Engineers
Factoid/2002/06/24Common Bacteria Found in Humans Is Now Killing Elkhorn Coral
Factoid/2002/06/26Big Sur Coast in Central California Gains Protection
Factoid/2002/06/27At Least 500 Dams Already Removed
Factoid/2002/06/28Alien Seaweed Continues to Threaten Southern California Waters