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Factoids for the month of July, 2002

Factoid/2002/07/01Less Than One One Hundredth of One Percent of U.S. Waters Are Fully Closed to Extractive Industries
Factoid/2002/07/02New Weather-Ocean Buoy Off the Florida Coast
Factoid/2002/07/04NMFS Wants to Allow Turtle Killing in Hawaii
Factoid/2002/07/09Santa Cruz, CA Working On Code of Etiquette for Kayakers and Surfers
Factoid/2002/07/10USA's Bountiful Ocean Areas
Factoid/2002/07/12Keep Your Distance from Dolphins, Please
Factoid/2002/07/15Foreign Ships Not Complying With Existing Lax Ballast Water Regulations
Factoid/2002/07/16Why People Shouldn't Feed Or Pet Dolphins
Factoid/2002/07/17Navy Sonar Given Green Light; Bad News for Marine Mammals
Factoid/2002/07/18Forecasting Stinging Jellyfish in the Chesapeake Bay
Factoid/2002/07/22Sea Level Rising Faster Due to Alaska Glacier Melt
Factoid/2002/07/23Unknown Giant Squid Washes Ashore in Australia
Factoid/2002/07/24Dealing With a Jellyfish Sting
Factoid/2002/07/25Record Number of Dam Removals in 2002
Factoid/2002/07/26Army Corps Projects Badly Need Independent Review
Factoid/2002/07/30Surfrider Believes in Marine Protection Efforts
Factoid/2002/07/31EPA Publishes Guidance for Beach Grants