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Factoids for the month of April, 2003

Factoid/2003/04/01Clean Energy and Drinking Water for Pacific Islanders?
Factoid/2003/04/02Bush Backs Down - Victory Against CA Offshore Drilling!
Factoid/2003/04/03NYC To Save Money By Dumping Old Subway Cars Off NJ Shore
Factoid/2003/04/07Strong Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted
Factoid/2003/04/08Oil Industry Harrassing Marine Mammals in Gulf of Mexico
Factoid/2003/04/09No Need for Military Exemptions from Enviro Laws
Factoid/2003/04/10Shipping Operations More Polluting Than Accidents and Spills
Factoid/2003/04/11Ocean Commission's Deliberative Phase Ends - Final Report Soon
Factoid/2003/04/14Toxic Sludge Dumping in Ocean by Ships
Factoid/2003/04/16Collect Rainwater in Barrels to Water Your Lawn
Factoid/2003/04/17Runoff Producing Pavement Increasing in U.S. Cities
Factoid/2003/04/18Nitrogen Pollution from Insufficient Wastewater Treatment
Factoid/2003/04/21Beach Access a Problem in Maine
Factoid/2003/04/22Coastal Louisiana and Mississippi Are Sinking
Factoid/2003/04/24EPA Septic Tank Regulations Are Only Voluntary
Factoid/2003/04/25Great Whites Hassled by Pleasure/Tour Boats
Factoid/2003/04/28Tour Boats Using Surfboards to Attract Great Whites
Factoid/2003/04/29Bush Wants to Cut Clean Water Funding Even More
Factoid/2003/04/30Plastic Outweighs Surface Plankton in Central North Pacific Ocean