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Factoids for the month of June, 2003

Factoid/2003/06/01445 Pounds of Litter Per Beach Mile
Factoid/2003/06/02Polluting Salmon Farms
Factoid/2003/06/03Last Buffalo Hunt
Factoid/2003/06/04Stormwater Management at the EPA Headquarters Office Complex
Factoid/2003/06/05Army Perchlorate Problem on Cape Cod
Factoid/2003/06/06Pew Oceans Commission Final Report Released
Factoid/2003/06/09Mercury in Fish
Factoid/2003/06/10Mercury in Fish Coming from Coal-Fired Power Plants
Factoid/2003/06/11EPA Not Enforcing Clean Water Act against Many Big Polluters
Factoid/2003/06/12New Coral Reef Found in Muddy Australian Waters
Factoid/2003/06/13Cruise Ship Blues
Factoid/2003/06/16Proposed Mine Threatens Lake Superior Coastal Wilderness
Factoid/2003/06/17No Stopping Effects of Big Storms
Factoid/2003/06/18Marinas, Harbors and Bays Are Most Polluted Coastal Waters
Factoid/2003/06/19White House Edit's EPA's Warnings on Global Warming
Factoid/2003/06/20Aquatic Invaders Via Ballast Water
Factoid/2003/06/23Scientific Whaling?
Factoid/2003/06/24Bureaucrats in the Environmental Movement, Too
Factoid/2003/06/25Radioactive Waste Dumped Regularly in the Irish Sea
Factoid/2003/06/26President Bush Gets an 'F' Environmental Grade
Factoid/2003/06/27Bangs, Pops, and Whoops from Adult Reef Fish
Factoid/2003/06/30Underwater Cables Damaging Florida Coral Reefs