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Factoids for the month of July, 2003

Factoid/2003/07/01United Nations Cuts in Half the Recommended Maximum Consumption Levels of Shark and Swordfish
Factoid/2003/07/02Giant, 40 Feet Long, Unknown Creature Found on Chilean Beach
Factoid/2003/07/03Definition of Watershed
Factoid/2003/07/07Potential for Coral Reef Damage in FL
Factoid/2003/07/08Jean-Michel Cousteau's Upcoming REMOTE ISLANDS Documentary
Factoid/2003/07/09Solar UV Affects Sea Life
Factoid/2003/07/10Yes There Are Sharks, No There Aren't Any Attacks
Factoid/2003/07/11LESS THAN ONE: A Public Awareness Campaign for Pacific Ocean Marine Reserves
Factoid/2003/07/14The Need To Know Coastal Environmental History
Factoid/2003/07/15Mounting Enviro Pressures for Great Barrier Reef
Factoid/2003/07/16Increasing FL Beach Access
Factoid/2003/07/17Big Great Lakes Cleanup Plan Coming?
Factoid/2003/07/18Rain Gardens for Runoff
Factoid/2003/07/21Surfrider's State of the Beach Report: Collecting Important Coastal Environmental Info
Factoid/2003/07/22Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Won't Stop Dumping in Our Oceans
Factoid/2003/07/23Coral Reefs in Atlantic Ocean Not Doing Well
Factoid/2003/07/24Doctors' Online Guide to Health Effects of Water Pollution
Factoid/2003/07/25No Doubt On Need for Army Corps of Engineers Reform
Factoid/2003/07/2810,000 Big Containers Fall in Oceans Annually
Factoid/2003/07/29We're Starting to Understand
Factoid/2003/07/30Marine Reserves Already Proving Their Worth