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Factoids for the month of August, 2003

Factoid/2003/08/01Surfboard Foam Is Usually Nasty Stuff
Factoid/2003/08/04Massive Trash Found in Uninhabited Pacific Islands.
Factoid/2003/08/05No Surprise: Beach Grooming Bad for the Environment
Factoid/2003/08/06Eco-Friendly Surfboards
Factoid/2003/08/07New Federal Laws Inadequate for Protecting FL Manatees
Factoid/2003/08/08They Don't Know What the Stinky Blobs Are Near Atlantic City
Factoid/2003/08/11Cruise Ships May Be Worse Than You Think
Factoid/2003/08/12Maryland Coast Is Sinking, Sea Level Rising
Factoid/2003/08/13New Underwater Volcano Found in Aleutian Island Chain
Factoid/2003/08/14All Life Ocean Dependent
Factoid/2003/08/15Arctic Ice Melting from Global Warming
Factoid/2003/08/18Ocean Vent Microbe Likes It VERY Hot
Factoid/2003/08/21Royal Caribbean Has Not Been An Environmentally Responsible Cruise Ship Company
Factoid/2003/08/22Nominated To Be Head of EPA, Leavitt Has Bad Enviro Record
Factoid/2003/08/26Buying Land to Protect the Santa Barbara County Coast
Factoid/2003/08/27Hurricane Ignacio Hits Baja California
Factoid/2003/08/28Dr. Suzuki Says, "Protect Coral Reefs - Don't Drive an SUV"
Factoid/2003/08/29Comments on Bush Administration's Attempt to Weaken Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) to Allow for New Offshore Oil Drilling