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Factoids for the month of April, 2004

Factoid/2004/04/01Australia to Ban Fishing in One-Third of Great Barrier Reef
Factoid/2004/04/02Record High Levels of Carbon Dioxide in Earth's Atmosphere
Factoid/2004/04/05New England Hurricane of 1938
Factoid/2004/04/06Injection Wells for Sewage Are A Bad Idea In Florida
Factoid/2004/04/08Numerous, Repeated, Unpunished Clean Water Act Violations by Sewage Treatment Plants and Other Major Facilities
Factoid/2004/04/09Study Shows Surfers More Likely to Get Sick in High Runoff Areas
Factoid/2004/04/12Most Giant Cruise Ships Are Giant Coastal Polluters
Factoid/2004/04/14Preserving Our Beaches Is Intimately Connected to Preserving the Watershed
Factoid/2004/04/15Early Submarine in 1776
Factoid/2004/04/16Lots of Unexploded Bombs Left on Hawaiian Island of Kahoolawe by U.S. Military
Factoid/2004/04/19Most Coastal States Have Not Adopted Federal Beach Water Testing Standards
Factoid/2004/04/20Establishing a National Ocean Council within the Executive Office of the President
Factoid/2004/04/21Recommendations of Preliminary Report by the US Commission on Ocean Policy
Factoid/2004/04/23Effective Ocean Policy Requires High-Quality Education
Factoid/2004/04/26American Public Not Aware of Ocean's Importance
Factoid/2004/04/27Big South Swell Pounds Southern California
Factoid/2004/04/28Investing in Our Oceans Policy -- A Very Reasonable Investment
Factoid/2004/04/29Clean Cruise Ships Act of 2004 Introduced in Congress