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Factoids for the month of June, 2004

Factoid/2004/06/01Finally, Some International Protection for Endangered Seahorses
Factoid/2004/06/03European Union Needs to Strengthen Beach Water Quality Regulations
Factoid/2004/06/04Gray Whales Seem To Be Increasing in Numbers in Eastern Pacific
Factoid/2004/06/07Hippo Sweat an Effective Sunscreen for the Beach
Factoid/2004/06/08Better to Keep Buildings Off the Shoreline
Factoid/2004/06/09The Power of Waves
Factoid/2004/06/10Krakatoa Tsunami Traveled Around the World
Factoid/2004/06/11Bit Off His Finger Anyway
Factoid/2004/06/14Having Time to Help Our Beaches and the Surfrider Foundation
Factoid/2004/06/15Not Nearly Enough Marine Protected Areas
Factoid/2004/06/16Monterey Bay Aquarium Creates 'Center For the Future of the Oceans'
Factoid/2004/06/17The Galapagos Islands of North America
Factoid/2004/06/18Big Increase in Red Tides in Chinese Coastal Waters
Factoid/2004/06/21Dead Dolphins, Whales and Turtles Washing Up Onshore in Mauritania
Factoid/2004/06/22Global Warming Is Happening Now
Factoid/2004/06/23Surfrider Foundation Volunteers Test the Waters Near Maverick's
Factoid/2004/06/24There's Now More Runoff-Producing, Impervious Surfaces Than There Are Wetlands
Factoid/2004/06/25Statement on La Jolla Seals
Factoid/2004/06/29Moving Coastal Structures Inland