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Factoids for the month of July, 2004

Factoid/2004/07/01Arch Conservatives Holding Up USA Ratification of the Law of the Sea
Factoid/2004/07/02Win-Win Situation for the Large, New Marine Protected Area in the Great Barrier Reef
Factoid/2004/07/05Florida Manatees Dying from Jet Skis and Powerboats
Factoid/2004/07/07Out-of-Control Shark Fishing for Shark Fin Soup
Factoid/2004/07/08Hurricanes Spur Plankton Growth in Oceans
Factoid/2004/07/09Important Project Unveiled to Cut Pollution in Western Indian Ocean
Factoid/2004/07/12Female Hormones in Sewage Changing the Sex of Fish
Factoid/2004/07/13Instead of Cleaning Up, Oil Companies Sue Calif. Coastal Commission
Factoid/2004/07/14British Coastal Waters Invaded By Jellyfish
Factoid/2004/07/15Removal of Matilija Dam in Ventura County Suggested in 1964
Factoid/2004/07/16Think You're Buying Red Snapper Fish? Probably Not
Factoid/2004/07/19Carbon Dioxide Absorption by the Oceans May Harm Coral and Other Marine LIfe
Factoid/2004/07/20State of Massachusetts Doing Beach Water Testing for 60 Coastal Communities
Factoid/2004/07/21Los Angeles City Council Trying to Clean Up Local Waterways
Factoid/2004/07/22Beach Ecology - The Beach Is Alive
Factoid/2004/07/26Unless We Do Something About It, We Could Lose Our Beaches
Factoid/2004/07/27Identifying and Solving Beach Health Problems Requires Looking at the Big Picture
Factoid/2004/07/28NATO Sonar Strongly Suspected of Killing Whales Again
Factoid/2004/07/29Even the Creatures at the Bottom of the Oceans May Be Affected by Climate Change
Factoid/2004/07/30Beach Environmentalists' and Fishing Industry's Long Term Interests Coincide a Great Deal