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Factoids for the month of August, 2004

Factoid/2004/08/02Public Beach Access in New Jersey
Factoid/2004/08/03Evolution of Whalewatching
Factoid/2004/08/04Coastal Town of Huskisson in Southeast Australia Bans Plastic Shopping Bags
Factoid/2004/08/05Education and Awareness Are Key
Factoid/2004/08/06To Reduce Mercury in Fish, Coal-Fired Power Plants Must Close or Clean Up
Factoid/2004/08/09Dead Zones: Those Not Highly Mobile Simply Die
Factoid/2004/08/10Los Angeles Agrees to Upgrade Dilapidated Sewer System
Factoid/2004/08/11Court Overturns US Commerce Department's Weakening of 'Dolphin Safe' Label
Factoid/2004/08/12August 22nd Is Our BirthDay
Factoid/2004/08/13U.S. Commerce Department Chastised by Judge Over Attempts to Weaken Dolphin-Safe Labels
Factoid/2004/08/16We Have Nothing
Factoid/2004/08/17Swordfish Often Have High Levels of Harmful Mercury
Factoid/2004/08/18Does Your Organization 'Walk the Talk'?
Factoid/2004/08/19Beach Access a Big Problem in Maine
Factoid/2004/08/20Better Beach Access Needed in New York
Factoid/2004/08/23Latest Predictions: Weak El Nino for This Fall and Winter
Factoid/2004/08/24Maryland's Coast Two-Thirds Publicly Owned
Factoid/2004/08/25EPA Publishes Summary of Fish Consumption Advisories
Factoid/2004/08/26We Have Better Options Than to Drill for Oil in ANWR and Offshore California
Factoid/2004/08/27Removing Pharmaceuticals and Hormones from Wastewater
Factoid/2004/08/30Recreational Fishers Catching More Fish Than Previously Thought
Factoid/2004/08/31Unbelievable! National Marine Fisheries Service Reopens Hawaiian Longline Swordfish Fishery