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Factoids for the month of May, 2006

Factoid/2006/05/01Look Outside
Factoid/2006/05/02More Whale Strandings Linked to Navy Sonar
Factoid/2006/05/03Pacific Ocean Tsunami Warning System Still Not Up to Par
Factoid/2006/05/04El Niño and La Niña and Atlantic Ocean Hurricanes
Factoid/2006/05/05More New Species Discovered in Ocean Depths
Factoid/2006/05/08Why Did It Take So Long to Assess Our Streams?
Factoid/2006/05/09Amazing Dolphins
Factoid/2006/05/10May 11 is "Endangered Species Day"
Factoid/2006/05/11Construction Companies Are Damaging Puerto Rico's Coral Reefs with Sediment-Laden Runoff
Factoid/2006/05/12How Many Hours Are Sunscreens Effective?
Factoid/2006/05/15Supreme Court Upholds States' Right for Regulating Dams
Factoid/2006/05/1617 Years Later, 6 Miles of Shoreline Still Fouled by Exxon Valdez Spill
Factoid/2006/05/17Global Warming Is Already Damaging Our Beloved Coral Reefs
Factoid/2006/05/18Balancing Sun Protection for Our Skin
Factoid/2006/05/19Long Beach, NJ to Designate 7 Summer Surfing Areas
Factoid/2006/05/22Offshore Oil Wells Conflict with Coastal Tourism
Factoid/2006/05/23Bill Clinton: We Must 'Get Off Our Butts' and Do Something About Global Warming
Factoid/2006/05/24Deadly Seiche Wave of 1954 in Lake Michigan
Factoid/2006/05/25A Lot More Could Be Done to Protect Beachgoers from Contaminated Beach Water
Factoid/2006/05/29Why Beach Fill Projects Are Opposed by Locals
Factoid/2006/05/30Florida's Beach Water Quality Needs Improvement
Factoid/2006/05/31Everyone's Affected by the Ocean