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Factoids for the month of July, 2006

Factoid/2006/07/05At Last Moment, Judge Stops Navy's Use of Loud Sonar Next to New Hawaiian Marine Reserve
Factoid/2006/07/06Gaping Loophole in New Factory Farm Waste Regulations
Factoid/2006/07/07We Need an Ocean Revolution
Factoid/2006/07/10Southwest Florida Coral Reefs in Trouble
Factoid/2006/07/11Rogue Waves More Frequent Than Thought
Factoid/2006/07/12Correlation between Impervious Surfaces and Microbial Pollution
Factoid/2006/07/13Drift Nets -- the Walls of Death
Factoid/2006/07/14Thank You Again, Pearl Jam
Factoid/2006/07/17It Just Keeps Getting Warmer
Factoid/2006/07/19NOAA's Addressing the Marine Debris Problem in Hawaii
Factoid/2006/07/20Why We Need to Reduce Polluted Runoff
Factoid/2006/07/21Global Warming -- It's a Scientific Reality
Factoid/2006/07/24Hormones and Antibiotics in Our Waterways
Factoid/2006/07/25Too Many Government Insurance Subsidies for Coastal Development in Flood Zones
Factoid/2006/07/26Less Boat Engine Air Pollution Will Result in Cleaner Air and Better Ocean Water Quality
Factoid/2006/07/27Dead Zone Off Oregon Coast Is Expanding
Factoid/2006/07/28Oil Coats Lebanon's Beaches
Factoid/2006/07/31Water Conservation Is a Better Choice than a New Huntington Beach Desalination Plant