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Factoids for the month of August, 2006

Factoid/2006/08/02So Much Still Undiscovered in the Oceans
Factoid/2006/08/03Increased Beach Water Quality Closings and Warnings in 2005
Factoid/2006/08/04Big Increase in Funding for Sewage Treatment Infrastructure Needed
Factoid/2006/08/07Raw Sewage in the Great Lakes on the International Border
Factoid/2006/08/08U.S. Federal Government Dithers While Urgent Action's Needed for Oceans
Factoid/2006/08/09I Love the Ocean... So I Support Surfrider
Factoid/2006/08/10Long Term Investments and Shoreline Property
Factoid/2006/08/1199.7% Drop in Caribbean Sea Turtle Populations
Factoid/2006/08/14'Sudden Wetland Dieback' in Coastal Saltwater Marshes in New England
Factoid/2006/08/15Our Fragmented Governance of the Coast and Ocean
Factoid/2006/08/16Marine Conservation Needs to Catch Up with Land Conservation
Factoid/2006/08/17Rising Sea Levels Are the Elephant in Florida's Living Room
Factoid/2006/08/21Not Just Caring, But Doing Something About It
Factoid/2006/08/22Future Hurricane Could Cause Very High Storm Surges for NYC and Long Island
Factoid/2006/08/23Preserving the Coast in Maine, While There's Still Time
Factoid/2006/08/25More Trouble for Caribbean Coral Reefs
Factoid/2006/08/28We Can't Take for Granted the Continued Success of the Montreal Protocol
Factoid/2006/08/29Beach Water Quality Standards Need Updating
Factoid/2006/08/30Ocean's Energy
Factoid/2006/08/31Beach Music