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Factoids for the month of April, 2007

Factoid/2007/04/02Supreme Court Rules That Federal Government's Duty Is To Regulate Global Warming Emissions from Cars
Factoid/2007/04/03Town of Gizo in Solomon Islands Hit Hard by Tsunami
Factoid/2007/04/04Even Insurance Commissioners Say Governments Shouldn't Subsidize Coastal Homeowners' Insurance
Factoid/2007/04/05Coastal Wetlands Are Immensely Valuable and Increasingly So As Global Warming Increases
Factoid/2007/04/06Carwash Runoff
Factoid/2007/04/10U.S. Military Dumped Chemical Weapons in Many Places Off the Popular South Shore Coast of Oahu
Factoid/2007/04/11Possible La Niña Conditions Starting in Late Spring and Early Summer
Factoid/2007/04/12We Need More Marine Protected Areas
Factoid/2007/04/13Scarce Funding to Date for Coastal Wetlands Restoration Along the Gulf Coast
Factoid/2007/04/16Criteria for Establishing Marine Reserves
Factoid/2007/04/18Global Warming Isn't Just an Environmental Issue
Factoid/2007/04/19Netherlands' First Offshore Wind Farm Opens
Factoid/2007/04/20Cook Inlet Beluga Whales Proposed for Endangered Species Listing
Factoid/2007/04/21One in Four People Live Close to the Coast Below 100 Feet Above Sea Level
Factoid/2007/04/24EPA Unveils New Open Source Watershed Management Program
Factoid/2007/04/25Oil Spills' Bad Effects on Beach Ecosystems Can Last for Several Decades
Factoid/2007/04/26270 Acres of Coastal Land in Northeast Puerto Rico to Be Bought and Preserved
Factoid/2007/04/27Toxic Algae's Killing Birds and Sealife in Southern California
Factoid/2007/04/30Court Rebuffs Bush Administration's Latest Attempt to Weaken Dolphin-Safe Labeling Laws