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Factoids for the month of June, 2007

Factoid/2007/06/01Are President Bush's Intentions to Undermine or to Support Efforts to Reduce Global Warming?
Factoid/2007/06/04Shoreline Armoring's Incompatible with a Healthy Beach Ecosystem
Factoid/2007/06/05California Coastal Commission's Been Downsizing For Over 25 Years
Factoid/2007/06/07More Environmentally Friendly Materials Used Lately by Some Surfboard Producers
Factoid/2007/06/08June 8 Is World Ocean Day
Factoid/2007/06/11All of Europe's Seas Are Being Degraded
Factoid/2007/06/12Island Vacation Green Travel Tips
Factoid/2007/06/13Are We Contributing to the Awful Red Tides?
Factoid/2007/06/14Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Is Still Getting Bigger
Factoid/2007/06/15The Health of Our Beaches Suffers from Bad Urban Planning
Factoid/2007/06/18Great Lakes Beaches Still Have Very High Numbers of Beach Closures
Factoid/2007/06/19New Water Quality Testing Techniques Are Good, But Expensive
Factoid/2007/06/20EPA Solicits Public Comment on Regulating Ballast Water and Other Maritime Vessel Discharges
Factoid/2007/06/21The Ocean Begins at Your Front Door
Factoid/2007/06/22Coastal Armoring Reduces Beach's Biodiversity
Factoid/2007/06/25Report: Climate Change Threatens UK Surf Spots
Factoid/2007/06/26North Carolina Beaches Will Retreat Relatively Quickly in the Decades Ahead
Factoid/2007/06/27Chronic Under Funding of the BEACH Act by Congress
Factoid/2007/06/28Point Judith Park in Rhode Island to Get Permanent Protection
Factoid/2007/06/29Desalination Is Not a Solution to Global Water Scarcity