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Factoids for the month of July, 2007

Factoid/2007/07/02Complaining's Not Enough
Factoid/2007/07/03San Diego's Point Loma Treatment Plant Is Last Big Holdout Dumping Sewage into Coastal Waters
Factoid/2007/07/05Bill Introduced in the House Would Provide Some Much Needed Strengthening of BEACH Act
Factoid/2007/07/06Three Years after the Ocean Reports, Still No Big Oceans Bill from the Federal Government
Factoid/2007/07/09Sink the Useless Long Beach, CA Breakwater!
Factoid/2007/07/10Ocean Friendly Garden
Factoid/2007/07/11What's Polluting the Oceans? Look Inland
Factoid/2007/07/12Lush, Green Lawns Are Not Environmentally Friendly
Factoid/2007/07/13Artificial Reefs Can Cause Problems
Factoid/2007/07/16Coastal Oil Spill Hits Ibiza Nature Reserve
Factoid/2007/07/17Many New Jersey Beach Access Fees Increase
Factoid/2007/07/18With Clean Water Act Waiver, BP to Increase Toxic Dumping in Lake Michigan
Factoid/2007/07/19Attacks on Clean Water Act Have Reached a Crescendo
Factoid/2007/07/20Underhanded Move by Fisheries Service to Curtail Public Comment on Navy Sonar in Oceans
Factoid/2007/07/23All Sea Turtle Species Are Endangered or Threatened
Factoid/2007/07/24National Park Service Defends ORV Use at the Expense of the Sensitive Beach Environment of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Factoid/2007/07/25Restore the Shore in Long Beach, CA -- Sink the Obsolete Breakwater!
Factoid/2007/07/26Oregon's Marmot and Little Sandy Dams Are Being Removed
Factoid/2007/07/27Haven't You Heard? The Ocean Is Not a Dump!
Factoid/2007/07/30Enforcement of Clean Water Act Laws Especially Weak Under the Bush Administration
Factoid/2007/07/31Local Beach Brings Joy to Gaza Surfers