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Factoids for the month of August, 2007

Factoid/2007/08/01Old, Large Ships Are a Big Disposal Problem
Factoid/2007/08/02Oil Spill Cleanup Chemicals May Be Deadly for Coral
Factoid/2007/08/03After 6 Years of Court Defeats, Bush Administration Gives Up Attacking the Dolphin-Safe Label for Tuna
Factoid/2007/08/06Increasing Pollution Flowing into Chinese Coastal Waters
Factoid/2007/08/07Army Corps Really Messed Up This Surf City, NJ Beach Fill Project
Factoid/2007/08/08Navy Refuses to Relocate Sonar Practice Range to Prevent Whale and Marine Mammal Deaths
Factoid/2007/08/09Exposure to Polluted Beach Water Can Make You Sick
Factoid/2007/08/10Inordinate Amount of Pollution from Ships Is Fouling Coastal Areas
Factoid/2007/08/13800 U.S. Cities Still Have Outdated Combined Storm Water and Sewage Systems
Factoid/2007/08/14Surf Can Help
Factoid/2007/08/15Protecting Our Coastal Waters... Or Not!
Factoid/2007/08/16Ocean Acidification Is a Serious Threat
Factoid/2007/08/17Beach Closures Cause Economic Losses, Too
Factoid/2007/08/21Dredging Sink Hole Causes 2.5 Billion Gallon a Day Water Loss from 2 Great Lakes
Factoid/2007/08/22We CAN Reverse the Environmental Degradation Occurring in the Oceans
Factoid/2007/08/23Court Thwarts Efforts By Shipping Companies to Delay Ballast Water Regulations
Factoid/2007/08/24Arctic Sea Ice Is Melting More Than Ever And That Can Impact Ocean Currents
Factoid/2007/08/27Coast Guard Should Be Defending the Law, Not a Supreme Court Defying Superferry
Factoid/2007/08/28Sunscreens To Have a UVA Radiation Rating in Addition to UVB Rating
Factoid/2007/08/29Corn Based Biofuels, Polluted Runoff, and Dead Zones
Factoid/2007/08/31Grease Down the Drain Can Block Sewer Pipes