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Factoids for the month of January, 2008

Factoid/2008/01/02Reducing Ocean Dumping through Water Reclamation
Factoid/2008/01/03Oil Slick Hits Argentina's Patagonia Beaches
Factoid/2008/01/04A Wave Breaks When ...
Factoid/2008/01/07Yet Another Huge Oil Spill from a Single-Hulled Tanker
Factoid/2008/01/08Judge Rules Navy Must Take Some Precautions for Whales and Other Marine Mammals
Factoid/2008/01/09Low Impact Development to Help Reduce Runoff Pollution
Factoid/2008/01/10Corn Ethanol Production's Exacerbating the Runoff That Feeds the Dead Zone at Mouth of Mississippi River
Factoid/2008/01/11Connecticut Governor Opposes LNG facility in Long Island Sound
Factoid/2008/01/14Florida Dumps Lots of Insufficiently Treated Sewage into Popular Coastal Waters
Factoid/2008/01/15Research Indicates Ocean Fertilization Schemes May Be Ineffective at Reducing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels
Factoid/2008/01/16Australia Aims to Stop Japanese Whale Hunting in Whale Sanctuary
Factoid/2008/01/17President Bush's Exemption to Allow Navy to Kill Whales and Other Marine Mammals
Factoid/2008/01/18As Black Abalone Goes, So Goes Our Ocean...
Factoid/2008/01/22Surfrider Kauai Chapter's Volunteer Net Patrol
Factoid/2008/01/23BEACH Act Funding at Lowest Level Ever for 2008
Factoid/2008/01/24Helping Improve Beach Water Quality -- Another Reason Not to Drive
Factoid/2008/01/25Only an Estimated 150 Vaquita Porpoises Remain in Gulf of California
Factoid/2008/01/28Massive Water Pollution from U.S. Methods Associated with Meat Production
Factoid/2008/01/29Bondi Beach Put on Australia's National Heritage List
Factoid/2008/01/30More New Beach Closures from San Francisco Bay's November Cosco Busan Oil Spill
Factoid/2008/01/31Natural Oil Seepage to Blame for Recent Oil-Afflicted Beaches in Central/Northern California