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Factoids for the month of March, 2008

Factoid/2008/03/03Courts Again Rule to Limit Navy Sonar That Harms Marine Mammals
Factoid/2008/03/04Marine Invasive Species Mostly Brought by Shipping and Aquaculture
Factoid/2008/03/05Exponential Growth of Plastic and Other Debris in Our Oceans
Factoid/2008/03/06Bottom Trawling Is So Bad That Its Effects Are Visible from Space
Factoid/2008/03/07Coral Reefs Are Magical
Factoid/2008/03/10EPA's New VOLUNTARY Plan to Significantly Reduce Pollution at Coastal Ports Is Guaranteed to Fail
Factoid/2008/03/11Martin County, on Florida's Coast, Is Doing Well in Conservation Goals
Factoid/2008/03/12More Reason to Move Transportation Infrastructure Away from the Beach When Possible
Factoid/2008/03/13Wave Powered Boat
Factoid/2008/03/14ANWR, America's Greatest Coastal Wilderness, Is Targeted by Oil Drillers Yet Again
Factoid/2008/03/17Restore the Shore in Long Beach, CA
Factoid/2008/03/18The Folly of Building Coastal Structures in Areas of Rising Sea Levels
Factoid/2008/03/19Keeping Alive Our Inborn Sense of Wonder
Factoid/2008/03/20World's Biggest Tidal Energy Project Planned Off S. Korean Coast
Factoid/2008/03/21Broken Promises by the Army Corps
Factoid/2008/03/25Federal Agency Approves LNG Terminal in Long Island Sound
Factoid/2008/03/26An Example of Surfrider Foundation's Grassroots Activism by the Ventura Chapter
Factoid/2008/03/27NOAA's Accepting Comments on Revised Draft Framework for Marine Protected Areas
Factoid/2008/03/28New Design for Cargo Ships Could Eliminate Ballast Tanks
Factoid/2008/03/31We're Inside That Ocean, Tuned into the Environment