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Factoids for the month of April, 2008

Factoid/2008/04/01Ocean's Least Productive Areas Are Expanding Relatively Quickly
Factoid/2008/04/02Causes of Beach Advisories and Closures Due to Water Pollution
Factoid/2008/04/03Help Keep Inland Litter Off Our Beaches
Factoid/2008/04/04Texas Coast Low Oxygen Dead Zone
Factoid/2008/04/07Surfrider Foundation Cape Fear Chapter $33 Campaign for 'Access 33'
Factoid/2008/04/08EPA and NOAA Approve Coastal Nonpoint Programs for SC and FL
Factoid/2008/04/09Swedish Pointbreak Under Threat
Factoid/2008/04/10It's Even Worse Than We Thought
Factoid/2008/04/11NY State Says 'No' to Long Island Sound LNG Project
Factoid/2008/04/14Coastal Salt Air May Exacerbate Air Pollution
Factoid/2008/04/15Recent Trends in U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Factoid/2008/04/16More Plastic Litter on British Beaches Than Ever Before
Factoid/2008/04/17Pump Don't Dump Campaign in Florida
Factoid/2008/04/18Public Access to Beaches in Georgia
Factoid/2008/04/21Throw the Big Fish Back?
Factoid/2008/04/22182 Pounds of Trash Per Beach Mile
Factoid/2008/04/23Crisis from Lack of Investment in Municipal Waste-Water Systems
Factoid/2008/04/24Drawbacks of Current Beach Water Quality Testing for Enterococcus Bacteria
Factoid/2008/04/25$20 Million for Beach/Waterfront Access in North Carolina
Factoid/2008/04/28Smithsonian's New Emphasis on the Oceans
Factoid/2008/04/29Surfrider Foundation Is a Grassroots Organization