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Factoids for the month of May, 2008

Factoid/2008/05/01EPA's New Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans -- Public Comments Welcome
Factoid/2008/05/02Waterborne Chemical Contaminants from Industrial Farm Animal Production
Factoid/2008/05/05Fertilizers Used for Corn Based Biofuels Contribute to Coastal 'Dead Zones'
Factoid/2008/05/06Algae Blooms Plague Florida Bay
Factoid/2008/05/07Florida Government Approves $300 Million for Land Acquisition and Protection Program
Factoid/2008/05/08The Sun's Tidal Influence Is Half That of the Moon
Factoid/2008/05/09Not Many Public Beach Access Points Along the Louisiana Coast
Factoid/2008/05/20Vancouver Island Surf Break Threatened
Factoid/2008/05/21Training the Grassroots Activists
Factoid/2008/05/22Suspected Long Term Leaks of Uranium, Arsenic and Fluorides into Lake Ontario at Port Hope
Factoid/2008/05/23EPA Again Delays Improving Polluted Runoff Regulations for the Construction Industry
Factoid/2008/05/27Enviro Groups Sue to Keep Jet Skis Out of Our National Parks
Factoid/2008/05/28Iceland to Resume Whaling
Factoid/2008/05/29Navy Sonar Continues to Injure and Kill Whales and Other Marine Mammals
Factoid/2008/05/30Help Save Upham Beach in Florida!