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Factoids for the month of June, 2008

Factoid/2008/06/02Asbestos Contamination at Illinois Beach State Park
Factoid/2008/06/03Almost 200 Countries Agree to Stop Harmful Plans to Grow Algae to Absorb Carbon
Factoid/2008/06/04Both Arctic Ice Melt and Ocean Acidification Are Happening Much Faster Than Previously Predicted
Factoid/2008/06/05Federal Court Rules Massachusetts Highway Dept Must Clean Up Its Polluted Runoff
Factoid/2008/06/06EU's Highest Court Stands Firm Against Shipping Industries' Attempts to Invalidate Ocean Pollution Laws
Factoid/2008/06/09China Is Copying the Coastal Environmental Mistakes Made in the Past by Industrializing Nations
Factoid/2008/06/10EPA Weakens Clean Water Act Again in Allowing Polluted Water Transfers to Cleaner Bodies of Water
Factoid/2008/06/11Cuba's Relatively Well Preserved Coast
Factoid/2008/06/12South Carolina Governor Asks President Bush to Declare an Offshore National Monument
Factoid/2008/06/13Human Survival Should Trump Economic Growth
Factoid/2008/06/16EPA's Updated Action Plan to Reduce the Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone' Is Toothless, Underfunded, and Relies on Polluters Voluntarily Reducing Nutrient Runoff
Factoid/2008/06/17Exfoliating Soaps Are Adding Plastic Particles to Our Oceans and Waterways
Factoid/2008/06/18We Already Have Metrics -- We Need To Act
Factoid/2008/06/19Almost 5,000 Sewage Spills Totaling Over 16 Million Gallons Just in California Last Year
Factoid/2008/06/20JUNE 20th ONLY -- JOIN SURFRIDER with the INTERNATIONAL SURFING DAY special
Factoid/2008/06/23Issues in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Factoid/2008/06/24Finally, Some Real Progress on Florida Everglades Restoration
Factoid/2008/06/25Coastal Armoring Is Not the Solution
Factoid/2008/06/26Supreme Court Reduces Oil Spill Deterrence by Their Exxon Valdez Decision
Factoid/2008/06/27Big Wind Farm Planned for 12 Miles Off of Rehoboth Beach, DE
Factoid/2008/06/30Restore the Long Beach (CA) Shore and Improve Water Quality -- Sink the Breakwater!