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Factoids for the month of August, 2008

Factoid/2008/08/01Increasing Criticism of Flying Airplane Advertisements at the Beach
Factoid/2008/08/04'Dead Zone' at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Factoid/2008/08/05Inspirational, Elderly Woman Tests the Waters Around Our Capitol Using Clams
Factoid/2008/08/06Increasing Jellyfish Populations Are a Sign of the Declining Health of Our Oceans
Factoid/2008/08/07The Slow Creep of Environmental Decay in the Oceans
Factoid/2008/08/11Reduced Federal Protections for the Los Angeles River
Factoid/2008/08/12Bush Administration Moves to Substantially Weaken Endangered Species Act
Factoid/2008/08/13Old Deadlines Missed, New Deadlines Set for the EPA to Update Beach Water Quality Testing Standards and Methods
Factoid/2008/08/14Reduce Polluted Runoff - Use a Broom Instead of a Hose
Factoid/2008/08/15Marine 'Dead Zones' Increasing Fast Worldwide
Factoid/2008/08/18Water Quality Testing By Researchers Using Lasers and Sound Waves
Factoid/2008/08/19Efforts to Remove Marine Debris Are Not Keeping Up with the Accumulating Trash
Factoid/2008/08/20Incredible Dancing Dolphins in the Wild
Factoid/2008/08/21Mid-Tide's Continual Compromise
Factoid/2008/08/22Enviro Coalition Raises $25 Million to Buy and Remove 2 Penobscot River Dams in Maine