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Factoids for the month of September, 2008

Factoid/2008/09/02Bottom Trawling's Like Clear Cutting
Factoid/2008/09/03Viruses Play Significant Role in Oceans' Carbon Cycle
Factoid/2008/09/04The Nitrogen Dilemma
Factoid/2008/09/05Bad Coastal Development Policies Are Exacerbating Hurricane Damage
Factoid/2008/09/08Surfrider Foundation's Newport, Oregon Chapter Is Bustling
Factoid/2008/09/09Organizing for the Oceans
Factoid/2008/09/10Surfrider Foundation Opposes Effort to Lift the Offshore Oil Drilling Moratorium
Factoid/2008/09/11Surfrider Foundation Partners with Oregon Commercial Fishers
Factoid/2008/09/15How to Keep Pharmaceutical Drugs from Polluting Our Waterways and Drinking Water?
Factoid/2008/09/16Every Little Action Adds Up To Something Substantial
Factoid/2008/09/17Humanity's Cacophony Is Silencing the Natural Songs of the Sea
Factoid/2008/09/18Shoreline Hardening Is Reducing Oahu's Sandy Beaches
Factoid/2008/09/19Still So Much Undiscovered (and Being Discovered) in the Oceans
Factoid/2008/09/22U.S. Court Ruling Prevents EPA from Ignoring Polluted Runoff from Construction Sites
Factoid/2008/09/23After Ike, Many Texas Houses Are Now on the Public Beach and Need to Be Removed
Factoid/2008/09/24Disappearing Islands in the Gulf of Mexico
Factoid/2008/09/25Opens Sept. 27: The Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
Factoid/2008/09/26Gov. Schwarzenegger Eliminates State Funding for Beach Water Quality Monitoring
Factoid/2008/09/29Global Warming Emissions Are Actually Accelerating
Factoid/2008/09/30Scientific Associations Criticize Proposed Weakening of Endangered Species Act