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Factoids for the month of October, 2008

Factoid/2008/10/01Why Is the Surfrider Foundation Removing the Artificial Surfing Reef in El Segundo, California?
Factoid/2008/10/02Some Positive Things About the Georgia Coast
Factoid/2008/10/10Some International Progress on Controlling Air Pollution from Ships
Factoid/2008/10/13Respect the Beach Awards for Junior High Students Robin Danielsen and Eric Keen
Factoid/2008/10/14Our Bond with the Sea Is Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical
Factoid/2008/10/15Jack London's Third Day of Surfing in 1907
Factoid/2008/10/16Beach Driving Can Cause Serious Ecological Impacts
Factoid/2008/10/17National Research Council Report Calls for 'Radical Change' in EPA's Ineffective Polluted Runoff Programs
Factoid/2008/10/20Proper Coastal Planning Takes Foresight
Factoid/2008/10/21What's to Blame for Beach Water Pollution?
Factoid/2008/10/22EPA Often Fails to Collect Levied Fines Against Polluters
Factoid/2008/10/24Extraordinary Waves on Lake Michigan
Factoid/2008/10/27Rhode Island's Project to Zone Its Offshore Waters
Factoid/2008/10/28Global Warming and Increased Waterborne Diseases
Factoid/2008/10/29Big Sewage Spill Closes 4 Miles of Beaches in SoCal
Factoid/2008/10/30NOAA to Increase Protections for Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral
Factoid/2008/10/31Chemical Weapons Dump Off the Leeward Coast of Oahu, Hawaii