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Factoids for the month of April, 2009

Factoid/2009/04/01Deluge of Scuttled Boats Are an Environmental and Safety Hazard
Factoid/2009/04/03More Evidence It's Best to Leave Dolphins Alone
Factoid/2009/04/06To Save Island Nations, We Must Do More to Reduce Global Warming
Factoid/2009/04/07We Must Continue to Act to Protect Our Special Places
Factoid/2009/04/08We've Caught All the Big Fish and Are Now Going After Their Food
Factoid/2009/04/09Big Increase in Beach Litter in Britain
Factoid/2009/04/10Toxic Flame Retardant Buildup in Killer Whales and Humans Highlights Need for Precautionary Principle
Factoid/2009/04/13Co-Existence with Other Living Things Must Become Part of Our Culture
Factoid/2009/04/14Commerce Secretary Upholds New York's Opposition to Planned Floating LNG Terminal in Long Island Sound
Factoid/2009/04/15EPA Launches "Healthy Watersheds" Initiative and Web Site
Factoid/2009/04/16Specs for a Runoff Reducing Rain Garden
Factoid/2009/04/17Finally, U.S. EPA Recognizes Greenhouse Gases As Pollutants That Threaten Human Health
Factoid/2009/04/20It's Not Too Late
Factoid/2009/04/21U.S. EPA to Conduct 2 New Epidemiological Studies of Beach Water Quality
Factoid/2009/04/22Researchers May Have Found Much Better Way to Reduce Polluted Runoff from Construction Sites
Factoid/2009/04/23Returning Beach Litter to Offending Manufacturer
Factoid/2009/04/24Even the Global Warming Naysayers Long Ago Secretly Acknowledged the Veracity of the Human Contribution to Global Warming
Factoid/2009/04/27Fish Consumption, Mercury, and the Legacy of the Bush Administration's Junk Science
Factoid/2009/04/28U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Continue to Rise Rapidly
Factoid/2009/04/30Beach Lights Can Be Deadly for Turtles in Florida