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Factoids for the month of May, 2009

Factoid/2009/05/01Add Sealcoating to the List of Toxic Sources of Polluted Runoff
Factoid/2009/05/04Reducing Ocean Mercury Levels Requires Reducing Atmospheric Mercury Emissions
Factoid/2009/05/05Why Congress Needs to Fix the Clean Water Act
Factoid/2009/05/06Are You Making a Positive or Negative Difference?
Factoid/2009/05/07NOAA's Sea Grant Program Is Helping Vietnam
Factoid/2009/05/08Where Ocean Litter Comes From
Factoid/2009/05/11Big Algae Plume Around Virgin Islands
Factoid/2009/05/12Finally, A Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan That's Not Voluntary and That Has a Budget
Factoid/2009/05/13Mercury Levels Keep Increasing in the Pacific Ocean
Factoid/2009/05/14The Harmful Practice of Dismantling Large Ships on Beaches
Factoid/2009/05/15Indonesia Establishes Huge Marine Protected Area
Factoid/2009/05/18Courage, Judgement, Brains, and Determination
Factoid/2009/05/19Polluted Runoff Can Affect the Quality of Our Lives
Factoid/2009/05/20Stealing the Public's Beaches to Temporarily Protect Misplaced Private Homes
Factoid/2009/05/21Shocking Quantity of Toxic Chemicals Found in Marine Mammals' Brains
Factoid/2009/05/22Most Severely Impacted Marine Habitat: Oyster Reefs
Factoid/2009/05/26Shifting Baselines -- Researchers Find More Clues to Unimaginable Ocean Life Abundance in the Past
Factoid/2009/05/27Ireland's Successful Example of Charging a Fee for Plastic Bags
Factoid/2009/05/28Threats Facing the Pacific Ocean
Factoid/2009/05/29Ecosystems Can Recover Over Time If We Let Them