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Factoids for the month of July, 2009

Factoid/2009/07/01Seaside Italian Surf Town Hit By 'Apocalyptic' Explosion of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Factoid/2009/07/02El Nino Conditions Have Begun
Factoid/2009/07/03Another Dam Removal Success Story
Factoid/2009/07/06New EPA Mandate -- Improve Transparency and Enforcement of Clean Water Act Requirements
Factoid/2009/07/07Trash in the Ocean from the Surface to the Depths
Factoid/2009/07/08Sounds Fair -- Global Warming Emissions Caps Should Be Based on a Country's Share of High Emitting Individuals
Factoid/2009/07/09The Edwards Dam Removal from the Kennebec River Is a Success Story
Factoid/2009/07/10Surfboards Getting a Little Greener
Factoid/2009/07/13Two Degrees of Temperature Rise Is Unacceptable
Factoid/2009/07/14It's Official -- El Niño Weather Pattern Is Here
Factoid/2009/07/15EPA Orders Hawaii's Department of Transportation to Comply wit Polluted Runoff Regulations
Factoid/2009/07/16Mouth of the Mississippi Is the World's Most Imperiled Coastal Marine Ecosystem
Factoid/2009/07/20Ship's Pilot Gets Jail Time for San Francisco Bay Cosco Busan Oil Spill
Factoid/2009/07/21Working for the Protection and Enjoyment of Waves
Factoid/2009/07/22Even Bigger Than the Huge 1964 Alaskan Quake and Tsunami?
Factoid/2009/07/23Bad News for Caribbean Coral Reefs
Factoid/2009/07/24NJ Artificial Reef Project Using Subway Cars Is a Failure
Factoid/2009/07/27Why Identifying Surfing Areas Is Important
Factoid/2009/07/28It's Not Just Military Sonar, But Offshore Drilling's Loud Air Cannons That Can Injure Marine Mammals
Factoid/2009/07/29There's an Environmental Crisis of Nutrient Over-Enrichment of Coastal Ecosystems
Factoid/2009/07/30Public Input Sought by the National Ocean Policy Task Force by July 31