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Factoids for the month of August, 2009

Factoid/2009/08/03Unfortunately, Sometimes It Pays to Pollute -- 3 Years of Runoff Violations Brings Paltry $47K Fine
Factoid/2009/08/04Navy Announces New Underwater Warfare Training Range Off Jacksonville, FL Coast
Factoid/2009/08/05EPA Acts to Improve Beach Water Quality on Neglected Leeward Coast on Oahu
Factoid/2009/08/06These Protected Areas (in North Central Coastal California) Are Like National Parks in the Sea
Factoid/2009/08/10Oil Spill DIsaster on the Norwegian Coast
Factoid/2009/08/11A Soulful Activity, a Perfect Interaction, a Cleansing Experience
Factoid/2009/08/12A Real Ecological Disaster for Coastal Wetlands in France
Factoid/2009/08/13Ocean Friendly Yards in Long Beach, CA
Factoid/2009/08/17Marine Research Should Not Harm Marine Mammals
Factoid/2009/08/18Accountability for the 2007 Cosco Busan Oil Spill in San Francisco
Factoid/2009/08/19New Research Published on Rogue Waves
Factoid/2009/08/20Public Beach Access Is Often Compromised by Private Beach Ownership
Factoid/2009/08/24Polluted Runoff from Houses Is Worse Than Previously Thought
Factoid/2009/08/26Ending Sewage Discharges into the Ocean in South Florida
Factoid/2009/08/28EPA Orders Seattle and King County to Reduce Frequent Sewage Overflows
Factoid/2009/08/31Oil Rig Off Western Australia Continues to Spill Over 100,000 Gallons of Oil Daily