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Factoids for the month of April, 2010

Factoid/2010/04/01NOAA to Hold Public Listening Sessions to Guide Drafting of New Aquaculture Policy
Factoid/2010/04/02Why Construction Runoff Is So Bad
Factoid/2010/04/05United Kingdom Creates Huge Marine Reserve in the Indian Ocean
Factoid/2010/04/06Disappearing Island States Due to Rising Seas from Global Warming
Factoid/2010/04/07Another Oil Pipeline Leak in Coastal Louisiana, This Time in a Wildlife Refuge
Factoid/2010/04/08Successful Environmental Efforts Require the Trust of the Public
Factoid/2010/04/09NOAA's Online Marine Protected Areas Mapping Tool
Factoid/2010/04/12Coastal Tourism
Factoid/2010/04/13Maintaining the Natural Shoreline and Beach Equilibrium
Factoid/2010/04/14Dairy Waste Lagoon Fails -- Manure Spill Reaches Washington's Snohomish River
Factoid/2010/04/15Crew Members Arrested for Spill on Great Barrier Reef
Factoid/2010/04/16US Military Base in Japan Bans "The Cove"
Factoid/2010/04/19March 2010 Was the Hottest March Ever Recorded
Factoid/2010/04/20It Pays to Pollute When the Cost of Compliance Is More Than the Fines from Not Complying
Factoid/2010/04/22Joy (of Surf Riding) Over Fear
Factoid/2010/04/23Americans Are Uniquely Ignorant About Climate Change
Factoid/2010/04/26Far Offshore Oil Spills Can Also Cause Much Environmental Damage
Factoid/2010/04/27Intensification of the World's Water Cycle
Factoid/2010/04/28Disposable Diapers Are Clogging Sewer Lines in Colonial Beach, VA
Factoid/2010/04/29Disaster in the Making
Factoid/2010/04/30Gulf Oil Spill Hits Louisiana Coast