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Factoids for the month of May, 2010

Factoid/2010/05/03Commercial and Recreational Fisheries Closed in a Big Part of the Gulf of Mexico
Factoid/2010/05/04Oil Dispersing Chemicals Are No Panacea
Factoid/2010/05/05The Answer Is to End Our Addiction to Fossil Fuels
Factoid/2010/05/06U.S. CO2 Energy-Related Emissions Decline a Robust 7% in 2009
Factoid/2010/05/07NOAA Expands by 50% the No Fishing Zone in Gulf of Mexico
Factoid/2010/05/10Taking No Action Poses a Dangerous Risk for Our Planet
Factoid/2010/05/11The U.S. Interior Department Last Year Exempted BP from Some Environmental Laws
Factoid/2010/05/13Donate Hair to Help Clean Up the Oil Spill
Factoid/2010/05/14U.S. Minerals Management (dis)Service
Factoid/2010/05/17Gulf Oil Spill May Be Much, Much Bigger Than Previously Thought
Factoid/2010/05/18Global Warming Keeps Increasing Inexorably
Factoid/2010/05/19Newly Discovered Fast-Moving, Deep-Water Currents
Factoid/2010/05/20Is the Coast Guard Protecting the American Public Or BP?
Factoid/2010/05/21Today, 5/21/2010, Is Endangered Species Day
Factoid/2010/05/24Offshore Oil Drilling -- Full Speed Ahead
Factoid/2010/05/25Munitions in Lake Michigan
Factoid/2010/05/27Big Oil Spill Off the Singapore Coast
Factoid/2010/05/28New York Canal System Designated As No Discharge Zone