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Factoids for the month of July, 2010

Factoid/2010/07/01The Ultimate Message Is to Turn Everyone on to Some Form of Action
Factoid/2010/07/02Hawaii Becomes the First to Ban Shark Fin Possession and Sale
Factoid/2010/07/06Surfrider Foundation Is Opposed to Any New Offshore Drilling
Factoid/2010/07/07NOAA Seeks Public Comments for Its Strategic Plan
Factoid/2010/07/08Accused British Global Warming Researchers Maintained Their Scientific Integrity
Factoid/2010/07/12Full and Fair Access to Beaches
Factoid/2010/07/13Assessment of the Effectiveness of Plastic Bag Fees
Factoid/2010/07/14Virginia's Coastal Zone
Factoid/2010/07/15Exxon Valdez and the Deepwater Horizon: History's Repeating Itself
Factoid/2010/07/16The Courage Needed to Change Things
Factoid/2010/07/19Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing a National Oceans Policy
Factoid/2010/07/20Offshore Oil Spill Shuts Down Big Chinese Port
Factoid/2010/07/21Coastal Mangrove Forests Are Declining Rapidly
Factoid/2010/07/23Deactivated Safety Alarms on the Deepwater Horizon Rig
Factoid/2010/07/26Yes, the Gigantic Plumes of Oil in the Gulf Are Coming from the Deepwater Horizon Spill
Factoid/2010/07/27Shark Populations Are Particularly Vulnerable to Over-Fishing
Factoid/2010/07/28Oil Canals in the Louisiana Gulf Coast -- Like Soda through a Straw
Factoid/2010/07/29Over 18,000 Beach Closures and Advisories in 2009
Factoid/2010/07/30Warming Oceans Have Big Effects