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Factoids for the month of August, 2010

Factoid/2010/08/02Enforcement of the Clean Water Act
Factoid/2010/08/03Decline in Phytoplankton
Factoid/2010/08/04Evidence That Oil Dispersant Is Washing Up on Alabama Beaches
Factoid/2010/08/05Surfrider Foundation New Hampshire Chapter Has Big Event on Aug. 7, Public Invited
Factoid/2010/08/0914 Billion Pounds of Ocean Bound Trash Annually
Factoid/2010/08/10Public Review Period for EIR/EIS for Army Corps Beach Fill Project in San Clemente, CA
Factoid/2010/08/11The Gulf of Mexico Is Extraordinarily Biologically Diverse
Factoid/2010/08/12Preserving the Ecological Integrity of the Coastal Environment
Factoid/2010/08/24Reducing the Amount of Trash
Factoid/2010/08/25Are Plastics and Detergents Affecting Lobsters in Long Island Sound?
Factoid/2010/08/26Wave Cut Platform
Factoid/2010/08/30Upcoming Sea Level Rise