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Factoids for the month of February, 2013

Factoid/2013/02/01Rain Gardens are Catching on in Australia
Factoid/2013/02/04We Can Learn a Lot From the Ocean
Factoid/2013/02/05Beaches are for Walking
Factoid/2013/02/06New Jersey and Florida Lead in Beach Fill Spending
Factoid/2013/02/07Bag Fee Has Reduced Usage, Reduced Litter, and Collected Significant Revenue
Factoid/2013/02/08Check Out 'The Bad and The Rad'
Factoid/2013/02/11Cordell Bank is an Aquatic Wonderland
Factoid/2013/02/12Beach Ecology is Important!
Factoid/2013/02/13Marine Protected Areas and Surfing are Compatible
Factoid/2013/02/14Wastewater Treatment Plant Tours on Valentine's Day?
Factoid/2013/02/15Surfing Arts, Science and Issues Conference is This Saturday
Factoid/2013/02/18Polar Plunge in NJ is this Saturday
Factoid/2013/02/19Wildwood, NJ Will Not Charge Beach Fees
Factoid/2013/02/20We're Monitoring Ocean Health With Wireless Technology
Factoid/2013/02/21Sea Level Rise - Get Used to It
Factoid/2013/02/22Wastewater Discharges to the Ocean in Southern CA are Decreasing
Factoid/2013/02/25Ocean Initiatives is Coming to Europe in March
Factoid/2013/02/26There's a Sunken Sub-Continent Beneath the Indian Ocean
Factoid/2013/02/27Today is International Polar Bear Day
Factoid/2013/02/28Kauai's Beaches are Clean; the Rivers - not so much.