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Factoids for the month of May, 2013

Factoid/2013/05/01Every Day Should Be Earth Day!
Factoid/2013/05/02Stormwater Capture and Reuse is a Win-Win
Factoid/2013/05/03Some Sandy Victims are Accepting Reality
Factoid/2013/05/06Ocean Friendly Gardens are Getting Noticed
Factoid/2013/05/07Some Public Beaches in Jamaica Lack Adequate Facilities
Factoid/2013/05/08Many Beaches in England May Not Meet New Water Quality Standards
Factoid/2013/05/09New Jersey Requirements for Beach Access are Too Lax
Factoid/2013/05/10We are Part of the Ocean Ecosystem
Factoid/2013/05/13Maintaining a Road on a Narrow, Shifting Barrier Island May Not Be Feasible
Factoid/2013/05/14The Arctic Ocean is Being Transformed
Factoid/2013/05/15The Great Barrier Reef May Be Listed as Endangered
Factoid/2013/05/16Abandoned Fishing Nets are a Big Problem
Factoid/2013/05/17The Narwhal's "Tusk" Has Hydrodynamic Sensor Capabilities
Factoid/2013/05/20Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) Can Be Huge
Factoid/2013/05/21May is American Wetlands Month
Factoid/2013/05/22Many Shark Species are Near Extinction
Factoid/2013/05/23The "Sand Engine" in the Netherlands is an Innovative Coastal Protection Project
Factoid/2013/05/24We're Loving Bali to Death
Factoid/2013/05/28Bottom Trawling is Like Clearcutting a Forest
Factoid/2013/05/29Shifting Baselines Can Mask Marine Life Decreases
Factoid/2013/05/30Oyster Shells Can Help Combat Ocean Acidification
Factoid/2013/05/31Only a Few States Have Created No-Take Marine Reserves