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Factoid/2001/08/13 +Week of Surf Charity to Help Spinal Injury Victims  +
Factoid/2001/08/14 +It's Outrageous  +
Factoid/2001/08/15 +Causes of Beach Warnings and Closures  +
Factoid/2001/08/16 +Interconnected Coastal Ecosystem  +
Factoid/2001/08/17 +Surfrider Maui Chapter Activism in High Gear  +
Factoid/2001/08/20 +Santa Barbara's Battles Against Shoreline Armoring  +
Factoid/2001/08/21 +Biggest Threat to the Big Wave Spot of Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico  +
Factoid/2001/08/22 +Duke Kahanamoku Was Incredible  +
Factoid/2001/08/23 +Short Term Money  +
Factoid/2001/08/24 +Sewage Outfall Pipes in Santa Barbara Coastal Waters  +
Factoid/2001/08/27 +Surfrider Lake Michigan Chapter  +
Factoid/2001/08/28 +Three Coastal Environmental Priorities in Puerto Rico  +
Factoid/2001/08/29 +Broward County, FL Reefs In Danger from Dredge Dumping  +
Factoid/2001/08/30 +The Eutrophication Process  +
Factoid/2001/08/31 +One of a Handful  +
Factoid/2001/09/03 +Our Ocean Should Not Be An Oil Rig Dump!  +
Factoid/2001/09/04 +Sharks Biting People Chasing After Bait Fish  +
Factoid/2001/09/05 +Damaging Waves from High Speed Ferries?  +
Factoid/2001/09/06 +This Year's Only Average for Shark Attacks  +
Factoid/2001/09/07 +Possibility of Monstrous Tsunami Hitting East Coast USA?  +
Factoid/2001/09/10 +Greedy Coastal Development Projects  +
Factoid/2001/09/11 +US States Poor At Enforcing Clean Water Act  +
Factoid/2001/09/12 +Jetskis Banned from Gulf Of Farallones  +
Factoid/2001/09/13 +Land Based Activities Are Harming Coral Reefs  +
Factoid/2001/09/14 +Surfrider Extends Its Deepest Sympathy  +
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