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  • {{State of the Beach}} As a result of the BEACH Act and its funding, Maryland has:
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  • {{State of the Beach}} ...al comprehensive beach management plan must contain an inventory of public beach accesses and attendant parking, in addition to a plan for enhancing public
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  • {{State of the Beach}} ...he coast has been calculated at 0.58 feet per year. Approximately 48 miles of shoreline are experiencing erosion rates greater than eight feet per year.
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  • {{State of the Beach}} Article I, Section 17 of the Rhode Island Constitution states that:
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  • {{State of the Beach}} ...a description of the current biological environment and identifies as one of its goals "To identify, conserve, restore, enhance and monitor natural proc
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  • ...ree months, water samples are collected several times per day at different beach locations and analyzed for "indicator bacteria" such as enterococcus and E. ...present when pathogens are present, survives in the environment as well as the pathogens, and is easy and inexpensive to detect.
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