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Seasonal Pass $14 if bought pre-season, $17 otherwise
Seniors (60-64) $7 if bought pre-season, $17 otherwise
Seniors (65+) Free
Week Pass $13
Day Pass $7
Children (under 12) Free

Beach Tag Purchase Location

Beach Fee Office, from 9 am to 4 pm, at 15th Street and Brigantine Avenue from May 1st through September 1st. On Beach


Handicap Access


Activity Allowed
Bathing Yes
Surfing Yes
Fishing Yes
Sailing Yes
Driving Yes

Bathing Details

Guarded Bathing Beaches are:

  • 10th Street North
  • 5th Street North
  • 2nd Street North
  • 4th Street North
  • 7th Street North
  • 14th Street North
  • 16th Street South
  • 20th Street South
  • 22nd Street South
  • 26th Street South
  • 28th Street South
  • 32nd Street South
  • 34th Street South
  • 38th Street South
  • 43rd Street South
  • Bramble Drive
  • Surfside Road
  • Sandy Lane

Surfing Details

Surfing is allowed at the following locations:

  • 12th Street North
  • 10th Street South
  • North of South End Jetty
  • South of the Sandy Lane bathing area