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My First Skateboard! No scientific value here!

Hello, my name is Hiroe. I am a volunteer for Surfrider Foundation Japan and translating English articles into Japanese. I am neither a scientist nor environmentalist. So there is room for improvement always. Let me know, if you've noticed anything about the translation. (

I am using a PC with Windows Vista + IE8. (I have an iBook too. But the touch-pad and DVD drive are not working. It's a very old machine.)

I can handle a static web page (HTML + CSS + JavaScript) and a Server + Client combo (IIS, ASP.NET, ADO.NET) with SQLServer or Oracle. Also, I can convert XML into HTML (DTD, XSLT) or manipulate a XML/HTML tree with DOM. Basically, I am a Windows programmer started with Visual C++ and moved onto Visual Studio.

About the picture! (The help page says I can put anything I want on my user page. So I decided to have fun here.) It's my first skateboard - I got it when I was 10 (late 70's)? The tracks are rusted so I can't skate on it anymore. I love to buy a replica or a board with a similar wheel shape if I can find one. It will be fun to skate on it.

(As far as I can tell, the board is not for tricks. It is shaped like a surfboard so - maybe for curving??? down-hill???)

Well, my goal is to contribute consistently over a long period of time and grow with Beachapedia. I and SFJ wish to put more information on Japan's costal environment and SFJ's activities on Beachapedia in the future!