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Vancouver Chapter

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The Vancouver Chapter is currently running several campaigns and programs throughout the lower mainland including:

  • Rise Above Plastics: We are currently working with a coalition of local environmental groups to raise awareness on the adverse effects of single-use plastics in our marine environments. We are also actively monitoring local policies pertaining to plastics and we are working with our corporate sponsors to minimize their reliance on plastic products. There are numerous volunteer opportunities and you do not need to be a plastics expert to get involved. We encourage you to learn more about RAP at
  • Snowrider Project: The Snowrider Project was established to bring greater understanding of the hydrological cycle (the foundation for the intimate environmental connection between snow, land and surf) and to foster a sense of stewardship towards alpine and valley ecosystems. Our Snowrider Project committee works on the local mountains to educate the ski/snowboard community about the connections between our mountain watersheds and our oceans. If you’d like to help protect our mountains in addition to our oceans, waves and beaches you can learn more at
  • Respect the Beach: Our Respect the Beach education team is currently working on updating the Surfrider Foundation’s Respect the Beach lesson plan to reflect local issues associated with beach and watershed dynamics. This educational guide for elementary students is geared toward educating the next generation in environmental issues critical to Surfrider’s mission. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about this program or assisting with its development. For more information please see
  • Beach and Mountain CleanUps: Throughout the year we organize several beach and mountain cleanups to raise awareness and provide an opportunity for the community to see the impacts of human development first hand. The trash collected at each cleanup is then sorted and the data is entered into our database so we can better understand which sources are the most detrimental to our local marine environments.

Check out the chapter's Vimeo channel.

You can contact the Vancouver Chapter via email at

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