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Beachapedia is an online coastal encyclopedia, created and maintained by the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through through a powerful activist network.

Beachapedia is part of the education aspect of this mission, a site where people can come to learn about the coastal environment and issues that affect it. Articles on Beachapedia are written by Surfrider's staff and activists, along with contributions from subject-matter experts and coastal management professionals.

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Points of interest

  1. State of the Beach
    The State of the Beach Report is the Surfrider Foundation's continuously-updated assessment of the coast. It currently covers all of the coastal states in the United States (including states with beaches on the Great Lakes), Puerto Rico, and the Canadian province of British Columbia.
  2. Surfrider Chapters
    The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots organization made up of chapters and affiliates all over the world. Chapter pages contain information about the individual chapters that make up the organization.
  3. Coastal Factiods
    Beachapedia also contains an archive of "Coastal Factoids"- items of current interest that are published each weekday by Surfrider's environmental staff. In addition to seeing daily factoids on Beachapedia's main page, you can receive the factoids by following @coastalfactoid on Twitter.

Other Languages

Many pages from the site are available in multiple languages. Although the majority of the site is in English, pages are being actively translated by volunteers. Many pages are currently available in Japanese, and several are available in Spanish. A list of languages is in the sidebar on the left. When a page is available in multiple languages, a box will appear in the upper right with links to the different versions.

If you can assist in translating content to make it available in other languages, please send an email to


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