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Factoids for the month of September, 2001

Factoid/2001/09/03Our Ocean Should Not Be An Oil Rig Dump!
Factoid/2001/09/04Sharks Biting People Chasing After Bait Fish
Factoid/2001/09/05Damaging Waves from High Speed Ferries?
Factoid/2001/09/06This Year's Only Average for Shark Attacks
Factoid/2001/09/07Possibility of Monstrous Tsunami Hitting East Coast USA?
Factoid/2001/09/10Greedy Coastal Development Projects
Factoid/2001/09/11US States Poor At Enforcing Clean Water Act
Factoid/2001/09/12Jetskis Banned from Gulf Of Farallones
Factoid/2001/09/13Land Based Activities Are Harming Coral Reefs
Factoid/2001/09/14Surfrider Extends Its Deepest Sympathy
Factoid/2001/09/17Waimea Bay Sand Was Mined
Factoid/2001/09/18AOC Award for Former President Clinton
Factoid/2001/09/19Water Quality on Beaches Outside Boston
Factoid/2001/09/20Big Beach Cleanup by the Surfrider San Diego Chapter
Factoid/2001/09/21Rigs to Reefs Bill a Bad One
Factoid/2001/09/24ANWR Oil Won't Help Us
Factoid/2001/09/25Polluted Runoff Awareness Is Increasing
Factoid/2001/09/26Runoff in Southern California
Factoid/2001/09/27Big Whale Sanctuary Declared by Cook Islands
Factoid/2001/09/28Pew Oceans Commission to Report to Congress