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Better Water Quality at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in CA

"The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in San Mateo County, CA has had chronic coastal water pollution problems (and frequent beach closures) because of high coliform bacteria levels. Earlier this year, Surfrider volunteers at the Surfrider San Mateo Chapter tested the waters in and around San Vincente Creek, a local coastal stream that empties near the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Surfrider volunteers alerted county health inspectors who also walked upstream and found feces from horse stables and two homeless encampments, and sewer releases from private homes, all draining into the San Vincente Creek. Since then, the homeowners have installed septic tanks, and the homeless camps and horse stables are being moved away from the creek. Consequently, the number of beach warnings and closures at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve has fallen sharply, from 27 weeks in 2000 to just 1 week in 2001 (as of September 2001).

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