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Why Jet Ski Tow-In Surfing Is So Bad, 2 of 3

"What are the abuses? Beyond the noise, beyond the smell, beyond the fact that they're there and scaring all the animals, it's their operation and indelicate imposition on those of us who are paddle surifng out there. It's like when you're in a restaurant where it's crowded and there are people waiting for tables, but instead of waiting at the entranceway they're allowed to come and stand behind your chairs. They hover nearby. They rev their engines in a loud, aggressive way, and then they jaunt around on the inside in a taunting way. They love to cut across the middle to prove they can do it and we can't. It is very aggressive. I haven't seen anyone out there on a jet ski who wasn't aggressive. They flaunt it." (Excerpt from Dr. Mark Renneker, quote appearing in Surfer's Journal, Summer 2001, pg. 112)

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