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Pirates in the 16th-18th Centuries, Part 2 of 2

"A pirate, in most cases, began life as an honest seaman. But he lived in an age when the life of a sailor was hard, and the pay was small. A dissatisfied sailor was always a good prospect as a future pirate. And it wasn't difficult to find others who dreamed of easy money. Commonly a number of these unhapppy seamen would find themselves in the crew of some merchant vessel whose captain was a hard taskmaster. Upon such occasions, it was easy to turn pirate. A mutiny would be staged, and the discontented men would seize control of the ship." (Excerpt from Dr. Hugh F. Rankin, history professor at the University of North Carolina, as appearing in the book, The Ocean Almanac, by Robert Hendrickson, Doubleday, 1984, pg. 203)

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