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Factoids for the month of March, 2005

Factoid/2005/03/01The World's Ice Is Melting Fast -- and Raising Sea Levels
Factoid/2005/03/02Hydroelectric Dams Produce Lots of Greenhouse Gases
Factoid/2005/03/03U.S. Coastal Population Keeps Growing
Factoid/2005/03/04NYC's Newton Creek Needs Restoration Regardless of Olympics
Factoid/2005/03/07Enviro Groups Sue Over Rancho Mission Viejo in SoCal
Factoid/2005/03/09Ships' Protection Against Lightning
Factoid/2005/03/10Much More Investment in Sewer and Water Infrastructure Needed
Factoid/2005/03/11EPA's Proposed Sewage-Blending-and-Discharge Proposal Is a Weakening of the Clean Water Act
Factoid/2005/03/14Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean
Factoid/2005/03/16Jet Skis - Don't Use Them
Factoid/2005/03/17Congress Poised to Allow Drilling in America's Greatest Coastal Wilderness
Factoid/2005/03/18Hidden Strategy to Open Offshore Drilling
Factoid/2005/03/21Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Explodes Upon Contact with Water
Factoid/2005/03/22Sound Travels 5 Times Faster in Water Than Air
Factoid/2005/03/23Too Much Noise in the Oceans
Factoid/2005/03/25The Ocean Is Most Unpredictable
Factoid/2005/03/28The Bountiful, Giving Ocean
Factoid/2005/03/29Overfishing on a Global Scale
Factoid/2005/03/31The Most Valuable Capital Assets