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Factoids for the month of December, 2005

Factoid/2005/12/01Gulf Stream Current to Europe Is Slowing Down
Factoid/2005/12/02Huge Bycatch Waste by U.S. Shrimp Industry
Factoid/2005/12/05That's Not Good for Lake Erie's Beaches
Factoid/2005/12/06Hurricane Frequency and the 2005 Season
Factoid/2005/12/07What Is the Kyoto Protocol?
Factoid/2005/12/08The Best Mud Beaches
Factoid/2005/12/09CA Attorney General Categorically Opposed to Proposed Highway through San Onofre State Beach
Factoid/2005/12/12We Need to Find Out the Sources of Water Pollution at Our Beaches
Factoid/2005/12/13Coastal Access Is a Problem in Maine
Factoid/2005/12/14We Need to Prioritize Spending
Factoid/2005/12/15There's No Need to Wreck Coastal Habitat to Secure the Border
Factoid/2005/12/19The Great Lakes Need Active Cleanup, Not More Photo Ops and Jabber
Factoid/2005/12/20International Ocean Census Project Now Halfway Finished
Factoid/2005/12/21Big One Year Increase in U.S. Global Warming Emissions
Factoid/2005/12/22The ANWR Environmental Battle's Never Over
Factoid/2005/12/27Moving Low-Lying Seaside Communities Inland After Katrina
Factoid/2005/12/28Ronald Reagan Wanted to Preserve and Protect San Onofre State Beach
Factoid/2005/12/29Inadequately Treated Sewage in Our Waters Poses a Significant Human Health Threat
Factoid/2005/12/30We Need More Action NOW to Help Our Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes