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Factoids for the month of January, 2011

Factoid/2011/01/03EPA Completes Water Quality Studies Needed for Developing New Water Quality Criteria
Factoid/2011/01/04Cleaner Water Coming to Lake Erie
Factoid/2011/01/05Intense Dislikes and Jet Skis
Factoid/2011/01/06Surfrider Foundation Jersey Shore Chapter Has Great Events Coming Up
Factoid/2011/01/07BP Well Blowout -- Saving Significant Time and Money While While Shortchanging Safety
Factoid/2011/01/10Proposed, Huge Inland Development Could Be Trouble for the Santa Clara Rivermouth and Nearby Beaches in Ventura County, CA
Factoid/2011/01/11Systemic Failures in Risk Management by BP, Halliburton, and Transocean
Factoid/2011/01/12Guam Locals Not Happy with the Navy's Plan to Destroy Coral Reefs
Factoid/2011/01/132010 Ties 2005 As the Warmest Years on Record
Factoid/2011/01/14Cigarette Butt Redemption Value to Incentivize Their Cleanup
Factoid/2011/01/18Tidal Bores and Long Rides
Factoid/2011/01/19No-Fishing Zones Can Help Repopulate Fish Stocks More Than 100 Miles Away
Factoid/2011/01/20Kyo-Ya Hotel Plan for Waikiki Is Horrible
Factoid/2011/01/21Environmental Nightmare - Canadian Mining Company Gets Deep Sea Strip Mining License
Factoid/2011/01/24North Carolina Has 2,000 Square Miles of Coastline 1 Meter or Less Above Sea Level
Factoid/2011/01/25Indiana's Lakeshore
Factoid/2011/01/26EPA Takes Action to Improve Waimanalo Beach Water Quality on Oahu
Factoid/2011/01/28We Are Gathered Here at a Critical Time for Oceans
Factoid/2011/01/31Whales, Dolphins, and Seals in New York City Waters