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Factoids for the month of May, 2011

Factoid/2011/05/02Beach Badges - Pay to Play at the Beach?
Factoid/2011/05/03Golden Gate Bridge to Vancouver Island in 40 Years
Factoid/2011/05/04Arctic Ice Melting Faster Than Expected
Factoid/2011/05/05This is National Drinking Water Week!
Factoid/2011/05/06Barrier Islands Are Not Permanent
Factoid/2011/05/09Kelp Rebounding in Southern California
Factoid/2011/05/10California and Hawaii Recognize Waves as Resources to Be Protected
Factoid/2011/05/11Don't Build on the Beach!
Factoid/2011/05/12Surf Culture Supports Coastal Communities
Factoid/2011/05/13Gulf Oil Spill Threatens More Species Than Legally Protected
Factoid/2011/05/16Ocean Acidification Explained
Factoid/2011/05/17Beaches Should Belong to Everyone!
Factoid/2011/05/18Oregon's marine reserves: Many hands make good ocean policy
Factoid/2011/05/19The Ocean is Not a Dump!
Factoid/2011/05/20West Coast Radar Network Maps Ocean Currents
Factoid/2011/05/23Today is World Turtle Day!
Factoid/2011/05/24Hydrothermal Vents Provide Iron For Deep Sea Life
Factoid/2011/05/25More Seawalls for Coastal Cities?
Factoid/2011/05/26North Carolina Coastal Scientists Overwhelmingly Oppose Terminal Groins
Factoid/2011/05/27Phytoplankton - More Important Than You May Think
Factoid/2011/05/31NASA Satellite to Study Ocean Salinity and Circulation